Pope Vicky

Artist's Note

My art combines sewing, photography, storytelling, and humor.

When I started this Barbie parody, I had no idea how much Barbie and the Pope had in common. As role models for millions of people, they both have enormous responsibility.

Throngs of fans wait in great anticipation for their next appearance. Wherever they are, they have to look sharp. As I began to research what the Pope wears, it didn’t take long to realize how suitable the Pontiff’s wardrobe would be for a fashionista. If there’s a girl who can pull it off, it’s Barbie!

But even Barbie knows that being Pope isn’t only about the clothes. Believe it or not, Barbie is deeply theological. Just don’t expect her to wear it on her sleeve.

* * *

I owe the inspiration (and much of the content) for the story of Pope Vicky to my family of activists, thinkers, theologians, and artists.  I can’t thank them enough for all the fun I’ve had.